The number of tourists and their ovation into tourist destination belongs many of various factors like history, gastronomic conditions, cultural sites and etc. obviously, without existence of such places, there are no attractive points to absorb foreign tourists to a country.

Turkey as one of the most popular destinations for foreign passengers and tourists enjoys many of the mentioned factors which attract thousands of passengers from all over the world into this country.

Also, Istanbul as the central tourism city of Turkey enjoys vast and suitable structure for hosting international tourists to fulfill desirable environment for various manners and life styles.

It is better to know that the volume of tourist arrival to Istanbul has been increased highly during past years. According to the official statistics, only in 2018, Istanbul hosted more than 12.5 million of tourists which this amount composes more than 30% of total arrivals in Turkey while this amount faced meaningful decrease rather 2017 which the main cause of this phenomenon backs to the internal and international political condition of Turkey during 2018.

There are 716 hotels in Istanbul  (130+ five star, 170+ four star, 160+ three star, 50+ two star, 10 one star, 170+ special category). Also, the total amount of designated beds for hosting passengers is 147000 (as of Jan 2018).

Maybe it is interesting to know that there are 3524 active travel agent companies in Istanbul which this issue simplifies handling affairs for foreign travelers.

Istanbul also has 63 museums, 64 historic mosques, 49 historic churches and one historic synagogue plus 17 great palaces.

By taking a look at the total infrastructural condition of Istanbul, we could find this amazing city as a very nice place for citing and travel. It is specially recommended to those who are interested in historic and cultural places and issues to visit Istanbul as the heart of Islamic empire of Ottomans and one of the central capitals of Islamic architecture, culture, history and of course, a modern city whom could be used by its young Audiences.