ATIA Legal Services

Residency, studying and starting a business are essential needs of human life. Obviously everyone tries to achieve the highest quality and level of the mentionedissues. Therefore, there are always many challenges in chooseof the right choice in this path. These challenges necessitate the need for a good and reliable assistant and broker.

Atiya VIP Group recommends choosing Turkey as the permanent residency place to those looking for a safe life, access to a valid passport, studying at international and high ranking universities, doing business in the world of free tradein global scale or enjoying advanced medical services.

As you know, Turkey enjoys very special geographical conditions. It has long been known as the gateway between East and West of the world and is known as a communicational and cultural linkage between them. The dynamic and developing infrastructure of this country has attracted artisans and capitalists around the world.

Regarding proximity of Turkey to Iran and other Middle Eastern countries of the world, this country has been always one of the top destinations of its neighbor nations for investment, education, residency, and company registration.

ATIA VIP Group has provided a variety of programs for its customers. Our professional legal experts are ready to provide a wide range of services from corporation/company registration and business start-up to education, passport, property purchase, opening bank account, residency, marriage and citizenship issues for you. Our empowered lawyers always stay with you from the start point to the end of the path and companion our customers to achieve their exact need by their legal consultation, assistance and expert advice.

At Atia VIP Group, we know your concerns and understand your needsfor living in a free, secure and progressive world. We are fully aware of the legal issues and will work within Turkey in order to fulfill your wishes and expectations. Atia VIP’s desire is fulfillmentof what you deserve always.