ATIA VIP GROUP offers you personal insight and expert knowledge to tailor-made your travel.

Located in Turkey, ATIA VIP Group is one of the leading and premium active and well-known companies in deliver of VIP services to its customers and has defined turning the dream of their luxurious trip to a spectacular reality.

The scope of our activities at ATIA VIP Group covers the most diverse segments of tourism, from superb seaside excursions to special business trips arranged for great companies, senior managers and high level officials.

Have you ever sat in your own private jet, gazed at the glittering sunset over the sky while reviewing the text of your business lecture?

Or, for example, meet your business partners on the beautiful waters of Turkish coasts while the soulful breeze of the sea blends with your soul? Have you ever imagined that one day you would see immigrant birds from inside of the sea glass hotels? What do you think about holding a magnificent wedding on a dream island that is far from the bustle of the city?

Our skilled experts at ATIA VIP Group are fully trained to make your dreams come true in order to make you able to experience everything you expect from a magnificent and magnificent journey. Our dedicated trips are only to your liking.

We invite you to experience the tranquility of a business trip, those kinds of trips which are arranged by our skilled experts in companion with a team of professional crews and hosts, as well as experienced pilots and multilingual translators.

We promise you that the team of our professional experts will provide an incredible service for a fabulous surfing experience. We want to surpass you in fantasy!

The vision of ATIA VIP Group is to turn your dreams into reality. We believe the world is beyond what we imagined. So we’re going to show you the incredible, incredible corners in real life.

The main purpose of our group is to bring the unparalleled beauties of the world to your eager eyes to carve amazing and memorable images in your mind. We will take you to places where you feel the pristine and magical nature of Turkey.

The services of our group include:

Planning for premium and luxury trips

  • Planning and implement of VIP excursions for visiting Turkish tourist destinations
  • Planning for luxury cruises
  • Holding the cruise ship excursions
  • Holding the special VIP cruise excursions

VIP transport services:

  • Transfer from the country of origin and vice versa by private jet
  • Airport transfer by luxury and formal cars
  • Holding air tours equipped with helicopters
  • Luxury boat and yachts rental
  • Private jet rental
  • Formal car rental

Booking luxury hotels and great residencies

  • Booking the most luxurious hotels of Turkey
  • Booking VIP costal residencies

Offering a variety of flight services with the best and most experienced airlines of the world

  • Providing international and domestic flights to/in Turkey

Holding formal and special ceremonies

  • Planning and holding VIP wedding ceremonies
  • Holding luxurious family parties in special and luxurious environments

Organizing business events for organizations and companies

  • Planning and holding conferences, seminars and business meetings according to the latest world methods
  • Planning and organizing maritime business trips

Offering various legal and administrative services

  • Obtaining various kinds of residence permissions of Turkey
  • Obtaining the Turkish passport
  • Company registration services in Turkey
  • Providing personal assistant in Turkey


We work with the very best. We are proud of our partners, who work with us to deliver the best in bespoke travel